Happiness is receiving a dream in which you have the opportunity to do what you like with the people you love. In a gastronomic and daring space, our restless and passionate team unites to do what they love. Allied with the progress and evolution of their cuisine, they constitute a great capacity to provoke emotions.

After learning and assuming positions of leadership and creativity in great gastronomic references of the country, Aurelio Morales reaches the enough maturity to define his own cuisine, but still in his youth to continue developing it. His contemporary cuisine, progressive and free, has a great Mediterranean influence although he does not forget his Madrid origins to round his style.

A lifetime culinary project full of energy, that has been recently awarded with his first Michelin star in the 2018 Edition of the prestigious guide.

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For me, cooking is a demanding, intense and sacrificed lifestyle; but at the same time unique, since it combines creativity, solidarity, learning, discipline and respect; where the gap between success and failure is practically nonexistent.



Under the direction of chef Aurelio Morales and maître Yassine Khazzari; CEBO team puts all their motivation and commitment in this project. Sommelier Jacinto Domenech puts the perfect finishing touch to a unique gastronomic and sensory experience in Madrid.