Surprise an increasingly traveled audience from traditional and 100% recognizable flavors is not easy. Emotion based on technique, ingenuity and a thorough background work, is the DNA of Aurelio Morales.

The kitchen of CEBO maintains the balance between technique and product, and delves into the flavors of the traditional pantry and local products. Seasonal fish and vegetables are the highlights of a menu that also has meat references.

A dynamic and constantly evolving, contemporary, progressive and free cuisine, with Mediterranean influence and strong remains of Spain’s traditional gastronomy.

A unique gastronomy experience that can be enjoyed by the new culinary creations by Aurelio Morales with its full version Somos CEBO (see the menu). Additionally, our sommelier has selected exclusive Wine pairing options (see the options) to indulge. 

In addition, Aurelio Morales invites us to discover the  CEBO Capsules, special seasonal menus that will coexist with the main menu Somos CEBO. Mexico (see the menu) inspires the first capsule, which will be available throughout the winter. In harmony, the sommelier Jacinto Domenech proposes a selection of homemade tequilas and a cart of mezcals, in addition to other references designed for each dish (see the Mexico pairing).

CEBO: where the products will be the surprise, and the spectator the protagonist.